CCHAO Overview

The Cheval Canadien Horse Association Ontario (CCHAO) is Ontario’s registered association for the promotion and preservation of Canada’s national horse, the Canadian Horse

We are an incorporated not-for-profit association and are members of the Canadian Horse Breeders Association (CHBA).

Our members share common interests and goals and together we work towards ensuring that one of Canada’s little-known treasures is never lost or forgotten.

Founded on the principles of integrity, trust, collaboration and a clear vision of educating the public about the Canadian Horse, our members share a passion for the promotion of these wonderful horses. Above all, the well being of our horses and our members enjoyment is most important to us.

We welcome all Canadian Horse owners, breeders and enthusiasts to participate in the CCHAO and join our amazing family. Your involvement in the CCHAO can be as much or as little as you wish. No matter how involved you want to be, one thing is for sure, you will have fun and make new friends!! Along with the other associations we will continue to make sure we leave a legacy behind that is greater than all of us combined.

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