Membership Form

You can complete your membership form by either by downloading, completing and mailing it in along with your membership fees (mailing address can be found below), or by filling out all the fields below. 

Membership Options:
For ‘voting’ memberships, you must have a Registered Canadian Horse

Payment Selection: Please select your payment option:

Make cheque payable to: CCHAO – Send To: Candace Gomes, CCHAO Treasurer, 5933 Battersea Rd. Battersea, ON K0H 1H0

Online Banking Payee Set-Up: CCHAO
Email Set-Up:


Photo/Video Release Authorization

By checking this box I, give permission to CCHAO and to its designated agents, to photograph/video me at CCHAO activities and to use such photographs/videos in all forms of media, for any and all promotional purposes. I further consent to the use of my name in connection with the photographs/videos. I understand that I will not receive any payment for my time or expenses or any royalty for the use of the photo/video, and I hereby release CCHAO from any such claims.

Website Authorization

You would NOT like to have your name and e-mail address shared on the members page of our website.

Additional Information

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